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The board of directors elected at the general assembly decides the policies and the annual budget subject to the approval by the general assembly. There organized the three councils are, each of which represents the interests of the rolling stock, the electric equipment and the mechanical component and part sectors, respectively, and makes adequate advice on the issues concerning each of sectors to the board of directors, if necessary.

To realize the policies of the board of directors, the steering committee makes orientations to the regular committees for their activities and coordinates the activities among them. Along with the orientations, the 5 regular committees conduct their own specific activities, and the 4 liaison meetings held regularly with the related organizations is to exchange information mutually, some of that is fed back to operating JARi.

The secretariat office under the control of Chairman and Managing Directors deals with the administrative works and is responsible for supporting the activities of the committees and the meetings.

General assembly  

[Organization of JARi]

 1.Operation Organization

 2.Administrator Office

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