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The Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries (JARi) is a nonprofit organization, representing the interests of 39 members′companies which are composed of three sectors; the first one is to manufacture car body and to build rolling stock, the second is to manufacture electric equipments and/or provide its systems installed in rolling stock, and the third is to supply mechanical components and parts used for rolling stock. In addition, JARi has 77 companies as the associate members, which are material suppliers, maintenance companies, consultants and other small sized companies related to rolling stock business, including the companies held by overseas firms, and also, has 32 railway operation companies as the designated members, comprising JR companies, private and local government owned companies.

The Japanese rolling stock industries had contributed to modernization of the industries for nearly a hundred years since 1872 when the railway was firstly introduced in Japan. Recently, transportation has been multiplied in mode. However, the railway in Japan has still occupied a significant portion of transportation market, especially in passenger, among all modes including road, air and water transportation. Nowadays, a necessity to develop railways again is globally recognized with a current movement to re-evaluate its features as environmentally friendly transportation. The Japanese rolling stock industries, manufacturing and supplying rolling stock such as Shinkansen ( high speed ) trains , commuters, metro cars, locomotives, freight cars and LRT vehicles to the railway operators, are expected to play an important role in the new development of railways.

With the background above mentioned, it is defined that the mission of JARi is to enhance the development of Japanese rolling stock industries and to support the rail way operation industries, and, thereby, to advance the public interests.

Along with the mission, JARi is conducting the following activities:

  • ・to compile data and information related to production of rolling stock and its parts, and to make them available to members.

  • ・to research rolling stock market based on domestic and overseas demands.

  • ・to promote improvement of productivity and quality for manufacturing rolling stock.

  • ・to assist members in the training, education and development of professional skills for persons of member companies.

  • ・to promote standardization for designing, production and testing of rolling stock in collaboration with related organizations.

  • ・to encourage introducing and extending ICT for rolling stock business.

  • ・to act as collective voices of the industries to the Railway Bureau (administrative organ), and to engage in other activities to deal with the issues on environment, safety, barrier free to access and so on.

The address of JARi is as indicated below:Name: Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries (JARi)
Address: Awaji-cho Sunny Bldg., 7th floor, Kanda Suda-cho 1-2,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (ZIP code; 101-0041)
Established: June 1973 ( the former organization named Japan Institute of Rolling Stock Industries was reformed to present JARi at that time )


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